December 10, 2009

Another Malevolent Lie About Amanda Knox

It never seems to end. It isn’t enough to convict someone of a crime they clearly did not commit. It isn’t enough to send them to prison for 26 years when the evidence is abundant that they weren’t even present at the crime.

No, in Italy, they make the claim that you are happy about it.

Walter Verini, Italian Member of Parliament on the Today Show:
“She had nothing to complain about the functioning of the legal system,” he said, “she thinks her rights have been granted.”

Amanda’s rights have been savaged by a system that has no qualms about destroying her life to avoid losing face. This smug declaration of self satisfaction by an Italian politician has been smeared all over the planet by our own media.

What did Amanda really say? It went as follows.

“Here is her conversation with that guy. He comes by her cell. She is reading.

WV: What are you doing?
Amanda: Reading
WV: I am a friend of Ghirga’s
Amanda: He has a lot of friends
WV; What did you think of the trial?
Amanda: I think my lawyers did an amazing job.

End of conversation.”

Think about it.

Do you remember how Amanda’s voice broke and she fought back tears as she made her final statement to the court? Do you remember how devastated she looked when the verdict was read?

Did she appear to you to be pleased as punch with her treatment  at the hands of Italian justice?

But wait, there's more. Not only is Verini pleased with their performance, he also adds the complete fiction that Amanda told him that she thought "criticism of the Italian system actually could backfire."

Do not believe it! Amanda said no such thing. Left to their own devices, the Italian courts will leave Amanda in prison for most of the rest of her life. It is the easiest path for them. We must keep up the pressure to achieve her freedom.