December 4, 2009

Who is Guilty?

The guilty verdicts in this trial are an absolute travesty of justice. I will tell you who is really guilty, and it isn’t Amanda and Raffaele. The Italian system of justice is guilty. It is guilty of accepting lies, distortions, and wild conjectures as evidence. It is guilty of taking the easy path, rather than the correct and courageous one. Guiliano Mignini is guilty. He is guilty of turning his personal delusions into a hateful vendetta. The detectives and the polizei and the Polizia Scientifica are guilty. They are guilty of incompetence, of bias, and of ignoring the evidence, and debasing the truth. Moreover, all of these are guilty of pursuing their own gains and agendas at the expense of the freedom of two innocent young people. 

I will continue to pursue justice in this case, and will work to achieve freedom for Amanda and Raffaele.