December 16, 2009

Why "The Knife" Was NOT The Knife

“The knife” was an ordinary kitchen knife from a kitchen drawer in Raffaele's apartment.

There is no evidence that it was ever at Meredith and Amanda’s apartment.

It  was plucked from his drawer because “it looked scrubbed.” The knife was clean.

The knife had Amanda’s DNA on the handle simply because she cooked with it.

A sample was swabbed from the knife blade. It was tested for blood with an extremely sensitive test. The result was negative. There was NO blood on the knife blade.


The rest of the sample was tested in a lab along with large quantities of Meredith’s DNA.

Cross contamination of DNA samples is a common problem. It happens in every laboratory. It is a fact of life.

All of the sample was used for a single, deeply flawed test. The test did not follow any standard protocol. The test can never be checked. It cannot be reproduced.

The initial results were negative. No DNA. The machine parameters were then over-ridden, producing results that are typical of contamination, trillionths of a gram of DNA.

That DNA came from contamination in the lab, not from the blade. If the DNA had come from the blade, the blood tests would not have been negative.  The DNA cannot have come from the blade.


A knife boiled in acid would have given the same test results.

There was no blood on the blade.
There was no DNA on the blade. 

The knife does not match most of Meredith’s wounds. It was much too large.

The knife does not match a bloody knife imprint left on the pillow by her body.

The knife had nothing to do with the murder of Meredith Kercher.