December 16, 2009

Why "The Knife" Was NOT The Knife

“The knife” was an ordinary kitchen knife from a kitchen drawer in Raffaele's apartment.

There is no evidence that it was ever at Meredith and Amanda’s apartment.

It  was plucked from his drawer because “it looked scrubbed.” The knife was clean.

The knife had Amanda’s DNA on the handle simply because she cooked with it.

A sample was swabbed from the knife blade. It was tested for blood with an extremely sensitive test. The result was negative. There was NO blood on the knife blade.


The rest of the sample was tested in a lab along with large quantities of Meredith’s DNA.

Cross contamination of DNA samples is a common problem. It happens in every laboratory. It is a fact of life.

All of the sample was used for a single, deeply flawed test. The test did not follow any standard protocol. The test can never be checked. It cannot be reproduced.

The initial results were negative. No DNA. The machine parameters were then over-ridden, producing results that are typical of contamination, trillionths of a gram of DNA.

That DNA came from contamination in the lab, not from the blade. If the DNA had come from the blade, the blood tests would not have been negative.  The DNA cannot have come from the blade.


A knife boiled in acid would have given the same test results.

There was no blood on the blade.
There was no DNA on the blade. 

The knife does not match most of Meredith’s wounds. It was much too large.

The knife does not match a bloody knife imprint left on the pillow by her body.

The knife had nothing to do with the murder of Meredith Kercher.

December 10, 2009

Travel Warning

PERUGIA, ITALY has issued a warning to U.S. citizens of the dangers of travel to, and education in, Perugia, Italy.  While security in Italy has improved somewhat with respect to Mafia activity, Perugia remains a “justice-free” zone.  The potential for violence by drug dealers and murderers, and kidnapping and unlawful incarceration by prosecutors and other criminal elements exists in all parts of the city. 
On November 5, 2007, the Polizei in Perugia took two hostages, including one American, without evidence or justification, and has held them captive for more than two years. Although the U.S. government places the highest priority on the safe recovery of wrongfully incarcerated Americans, it is U.S. policy not to take steps that may interfere with trade relations, military cooperation, and politics as usual. Consequently, the U.S. government's ability to assist incarceration victims is limited.

We urge foreign students studying in Perugia area to take precautions not to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. We further urge them to consider the implications of two of their fellow students being incarcerated for most of their lives for a crime they did not commit. While study abroad may be an enriching experience for some, in this justice-free zone, it can be a life changing experience, and not for the better.

The incidence of kidnapping and incarceration by authorities in Perugia has increased significantly in recent years. Local prosecutors continue to kidnap and hold civilians to seek media attention and career advancement.  No one is immune from incarceration on the basis of nationality, innocence, or other factors. 

We further urge students and tourists visiting Perugia to retain legal counsel in advance of their trip, since local authorities routinely deny access to counsel to those being interrogated and charged. In addition, in view of the sizable costs of legal representation and the potential for arbitrary and immense civil lawsuit awards, either a large insurance policy or possession of wealth measured in many millions of dollars is a good idea.  It is important that insurance coverage extend to family members. Parents of students incarcerated in Perugia have been subject to similar baseless charges as a result of being supportive of offspring.
Demonstrations may have an anti-American character. Even demonstrations intended to be peaceful have the potential to turn confrontational and possibly escalate into violence. Celebrations of tragedies befalling Americans have been known to occur both among the civilian population and the police department.
 News coverage of those wrongfully accused and arrested in the Perugian area may take on a biased and sensationalistic tone. Despite confidentiality requirements, Perugian investigators and prosecutors routinely leak distorted versions of statements, communications, and evidence to create the appearance of guilt and to enhance their own prestige.
For additional information about the ongoing injustice being perpetrated against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, see

Another Malevolent Lie About Amanda Knox

It never seems to end. It isn’t enough to convict someone of a crime they clearly did not commit. It isn’t enough to send them to prison for 26 years when the evidence is abundant that they weren’t even present at the crime.

No, in Italy, they make the claim that you are happy about it.

Walter Verini, Italian Member of Parliament on the Today Show:
“She had nothing to complain about the functioning of the legal system,” he said, “she thinks her rights have been granted.”

Amanda’s rights have been savaged by a system that has no qualms about destroying her life to avoid losing face. This smug declaration of self satisfaction by an Italian politician has been smeared all over the planet by our own media.

What did Amanda really say? It went as follows.

“Here is her conversation with that guy. He comes by her cell. She is reading.

WV: What are you doing?
Amanda: Reading
WV: I am a friend of Ghirga’s
Amanda: He has a lot of friends
WV; What did you think of the trial?
Amanda: I think my lawyers did an amazing job.

End of conversation.”

Think about it.

Do you remember how Amanda’s voice broke and she fought back tears as she made her final statement to the court? Do you remember how devastated she looked when the verdict was read?

Did she appear to you to be pleased as punch with her treatment  at the hands of Italian justice?

But wait, there's more. Not only is Verini pleased with their performance, he also adds the complete fiction that Amanda told him that she thought "criticism of the Italian system actually could backfire."

Do not believe it! Amanda said no such thing. Left to their own devices, the Italian courts will leave Amanda in prison for most of the rest of her life. It is the easiest path for them. We must keep up the pressure to achieve her freedom.

December 4, 2009

Who is Guilty?

The guilty verdicts in this trial are an absolute travesty of justice. I will tell you who is really guilty, and it isn’t Amanda and Raffaele. The Italian system of justice is guilty. It is guilty of accepting lies, distortions, and wild conjectures as evidence. It is guilty of taking the easy path, rather than the correct and courageous one. Guiliano Mignini is guilty. He is guilty of turning his personal delusions into a hateful vendetta. The detectives and the polizei and the Polizia Scientifica are guilty. They are guilty of incompetence, of bias, and of ignoring the evidence, and debasing the truth. Moreover, all of these are guilty of pursuing their own gains and agendas at the expense of the freedom of two innocent young people. 

I will continue to pursue justice in this case, and will work to achieve freedom for Amanda and Raffaele.